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Courage to Change

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Our groups are moderated by people qualified to assist you with any challenges you may have. There will always be a member on hand to help, encourage, support or simply be a listening ear whenever you need to share your difficulties. Because the narcissist may be a family member, a partner or spouse, or you may have left and need support whilst going through a divorce, we have several groups you can choose from to meet your need, including one that operates 24/7. Members refer to these groups as “sanity savers!” Subscribe to be a member of our WhatsApp groups, IT IS FREE TO JOIN! 

  • NASG – this is the main group where members are encouraged to share whatever difficulties they are having. Many have left their partners and are discussing other problems such as co-parenting and getting a divorce. 
  • NASG Still WITH the Narc – a group for those who are still living with a narcissist, either your partner or spouse. These people have uniquely different problems and need to assist one another with coping skills and useful tips to survive the continuous abuse.
  • NASG Family Support –for those who need support as the narcissist is a family member – grandparent, parent, sibling, or child. 
  • NASG Legal Discussion – an opportunity to discuss challenges with legal issues regarding divorce, custody, and maintenance. 
  • NASG Christian Group – a platform for Christians to share their faith and encourage one another.
  • NASG 24/7 – we cater to all time zones and local members can chat on this platform after the other groups close at 21h30 SAST. 
  • Healing and self-care after abuse no discussion about narcissism or narcissistic abuse is allowed on this platform. Here we take our focus off the narcissist and focus on ourselves and our healing. Learning to love ourselves is KEY as is self-care and prioritising our needs.  
  • NASG NOTIFICATIONS – This is not a chat group. Before you can join any of the WhatsApp groups, you are obliged to join Notifications.  This is where we post upcoming meetings, workshops, courses, remote meetings, and general announcements.