Courage to Change

Courage to Change

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Sumaya Kahn

Dear Penny, When we met, I was in a mess. Stuck in a rut and couldn’t move forward. Although I had 5 years of narcissistic and codependent research and experience, I didn’t know what to do with it. I was going around in circles! I was separated from my narc partner but reached out to you due to unhealthy patterns showing up in my family of origin. An argument between my mother and sisters was the catalyst. By confronting that issue together with your coaching skills, I was able to better understand myself and shift my awareness positively. You gently coerced me to put in the work and do the exercises (especially the goal setting one which I THOUGHT was a waste of time and turned out to be the most successful one – thank you), and in the process my family relationships improved, my self-confidence sky-rocketed and I am able to make firmer decisions. I have gone No Contact with my husband and found the strength to go through a legal divorce. What I liked about you is that you are approachable, available, and affordable! We did the 10-week coaching sessions at my pace over 6 months. This helped me to process my thoughts effectively and gave me a chance to implement what I was learning. I am now more confident, happier, and thriving; better able to make decisions and set boundaries without feeling like a bad person. I have been reminded of the good in me, celebrate my strengths and accept my weaknesses … all of this I had forgotten about myself due to the narcissistic abuse that I had endured in my 10-year marriage. I am ready to face my challenges head on, realize that healing is an everyday process that never ends but evolves. I am now ready to be of service to others armed with experience and knowledge.