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COURAGE TO CHANGE is the NASG website that houses everything we provide, including an extensive range of support services to victims/survivors of narcissistic abuse. Many victims have been undermined and bullied to such an extent that they don’t know where to turn for help. The nature of narcissistic abuse is such that they often believe that there is something wrong with them and that they are to blame for the abuse. This is entirely untrue, and one can heal from the trauma given the appropriate support, education, and guidance which is exactly what NASG offers.  

  • A Support Group gives one an opportunity to meet others who have been abused and truly understand what you have been through or are still being subjected to. It is such a relief to know that you are not alone! You can share your difficulties in a safe space without judgement, where you will be heard, encouraged, understood, and assisted on your incredibly challenging and courageous journey to health and healing.
  • NASG has countrywide MEETINGS in South Africa, and several WHATSAPP SUPPORT GROUPS one can join where you can chat with those who believe you as they are familiar with this insidious form of abuse.
  • Having the privilege of professionals addressing the group to further increase our knowledge. We invite psychologists, attorneys, and healing practitioners.
  • Ascertain whether the abuse you’re being subjected to would be classified as narcissistic abuse (the type that someone with NPD, narcissistic personality disorder, would mete out). A person may be abusive for many other reasons: an addiction to drugs or alcohol, stress, financial difficulties, or loss.
  • You’ll be able to recognise the red flags of narcissism which is very important. Without this ability, you will befriend, work for, or enter another romantic relationship with a narcissist which will be damaging in the long term.  
  • Learn coping techniques to maintain one’s sanity whilst in the relationship.
  • We teach members how to end a narcissistic relationship if they deem it necessary. In some instances, even family relationships are so toxic they may have to cut ties to preserve their health.
  • The realisation that none of it is your fault, you did nothing to deserve being abused, you didn’t cause it, and you cannot fix it nor change the abuser. This sets you free to do what you must to protect yourself from further abuse.


Provide an opportunity to share one’s difficulties in a safe environment where confidentiality is key, ask the questions no one has been able to assist you with, form friendships, and learn from one another’s experiences. We often invite guest speakers to further educate and assist the attendees. At present we have groups in:


  • Bryanston
  • Pretoria

Western Cape

  • Cape Town


  • Pietermaritzburg

Eastern Cape

  • Gqeberha


Our groups are moderated by people qualified to assist you with any challenges you may have. There will always be a member on hand to help, encourage, support or simply be a listening ear whenever you need to share your difficulties. Because the narcissist may be a family member, a partner or spouse, or you may have left and need support whilst going through a divorce, we have several groups you can choose from to meet your need, including one that operates 24/7. Members refer to these groups as “sanity savers!” Subscribe to be a member of our WhatsApp groups, IT IS FREE TO JOIN! 

  • NASG – this is the main group where members are encouraged to share whatever difficulties they are having. Many have left their partners and are discussing other problems such as co-parenting and getting a divorce. 
  • NASG Still WITH the Narc – a group for those who are still living with a narcissist, either your partner or spouse. These people have uniquely different problems and need to assist one another with coping skills and useful tips to survive the continuous abuse.
  • NASG Family Support –for those who need support as the narcissist is a family member – grandparent, parent, sibling, or child. 
  • NASG Legal Discussion – an opportunity to discuss challenges with legal issues regarding divorce, custody, and maintenance. 
  • NASG Christian Group – a platform for Christians to share their faith and encourage one another.
  • NASG 24/7 – we cater to all time zones and local members can chat on this platform after the other groups close at 21h30 SAST. 
  • Healing and self-care after abuse no discussion about narcissism or narcissistic abuse is allowed on this platform. Here we take our focus off the narcissist and focus on ourselves and our healing. Learning to love ourselves is KEY as is self-care and prioritising our needs.  
  • NASG NOTIFICATIONS – This is not a chat group. Before you can join any of the WhatsApp groups, you are obliged to join Notifications.  This is where we post upcoming meetings, workshops, courses, remote meetings, and general announcements.


To all who belong to this group. To every one of you who has supported me through my challenges and difficult times, thank you! I’ll always remember this.

I have been part of NASG for just over a year now and have learned so much about myself and my narcissistic husband during this time. It’s been this kind of community support that NASG is that encouraged me to take back my life. Here’s to taking back our lives – we CAN do this!

I have grown in leaps and bounds (through pain and suffering) I always believed in the goodness of humankind, but now I see people for who they are. Thank you for helping a lot of us with this support structure.

I think without this group a lot of us would still be trying to find ways to please the narcissists in our lives, not realizing that you can never meet their needs because they shift the goal post – it is a lifesaver!

NASG has given me a new life in a foreign country. I have found acceptance, validation, motivation, and love. Thank you for the group. I felt really isolated as no one in my family has ever met a narcissist and they don’t have the slightest clue about what I am talking about. Here I feel like we speak our own language.

…being a member of the groups, I’ve grown and gained so much strength. I don’t feel alone anymore. I can understand and handle my situation much better already. I love the openness, the support and especially the lack of judgement from members –acceptance and understanding are so essential for individual healing.


Conducted in group settings, either in person or online. Learning to practice self-love is very difficult for many who have never put their needs first. We teach many techniques and healing methodologies during these workshops. Drumming circles using the HealthRHYTHMS protocol, which is specifically for those who have depression, anxiety, burnout, and PTSD, are incredibly effective and an important part of our Self-Care Workshops. We offer laughter therapy workshops too, inarguably “the best medicine”, and incredibly beneficial for those who are healing from abuse. Subscribers will be given a discount.


By joining the Courage to Change Facebook Support Group you will be able to interact with folk who have had very similar experiences of abuse and be kept updated with events that are being held. Click here to join.


We are in the process of forming a team of qualified counsellors who are prepared to give their time on a voluntary basis so that we can offer free counselling to our members. If you are a counsellor who is perhaps a survivor of abuse or has a heart for the hurting and would like to join our team, please contact us at

Alternatively, you could book a session with the founder of NASG. Penny is a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach who works solely with victims/survivors of narcissistic abuse, facilitating their empowerment and healing. She has a wealth of experience and expertise regarding the behaviour of narcissistic individuals and the debilitating damage this type of abuse causes. Subscribers will be given a discount.

Coaching Options

One-hour Coaching sessions 

Held face-to-face or online. Click here to book an appointment. 

Recovery and Restoration Personal Development Programme

You have a choice of working through the programme ONE-ON-ONE, either face-to-face or online, or in GROUPS with a maximum of 8 people. Click here to join the waiting list for the next group coaching course. 

 This programme was tailor-made for those who are ready to commit to their healing journey. For more information, click here.   


NASG offers online support to those who live outside of South Africa or are not located close to our NASG meetings. Our weekly sessions are held by coaches or healing practitioners and members of our “HEAR for YOU Community” have the unique opportunity of choice, dependent on where they are along their healing journey. 

ONLY SUBSCRIBERS to our “HEAR for YOU Community” have access to these weekly meetings. They can also join a bi-weekly Support Group Meeting online. Discounts apply to any chargeable items including coaching, one-on-one, or in a group. 

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Being listened to is so close to being loved, one can hardly tell the difference

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