Courage to Change

Courage to Change

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It’s 2 years later

Lots of bits & pieces

Little roads ridden

Big skies flown

Tying & Knitting

& Discovering me & mine

Which is solely this body, mind 

& soul 

With all her experience 

Loves & hates

Traumas & Joys

Before lately, traumas triumphed 

To the ultimate 

Of presiding death

And then, something inside

Kicked & Bucked

And never let go 

Let go of all else,

Was all that presented 

Was only what could prevail,

To survive

Because all else

Said, you’re wrong

‘Stay where you are’

When I say all, I mean all

Everything &


Whom I held so deep in my heart

Everything means every thing.

And that Phoenix was actually relieved 

Relieved of all the principals so rigid

And beliefs that anchored

Ripping my all until there was nothing left for me


But the silent soul that entered the earth was still there

And she reared and roared

And cleared the dust

Out climbed the new her, wounded leg & all

That too a gift that cleared her vision as she lay on her back & witnessed the horror of horrors 

Of where she’d landed

And what she’d subjected her beautiful being to


But now as she sits still & at peace

2 years since her release 

Of herself from all that held her back from flying 

Being & doing her finally

What is it all about 

Taking care of necessities, doing the best to just be, it’s much easier now

For you see, even when the true intention of being becomes clear 

Time is needed to be given for old habits to die, healing to happen

new steps gently awaken