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Recovery and Restoration Personal Development Programme

Recovery and Restoration Personal Development Programme

This unique, tailor-made programme to help victims/survivors of narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships to heal, can be done either one-on-one or online in GROUP COACHING SESSIONS with a maximum of 8 people. It’s rare to find a course where you have the coach with you in real-time throughout, available to assist with any and every problem that arises. 

As a SUBSCRIBER of the NASG “HEAR for YOU” Community, you will be eligible for a 7.5% DISCOUNT if you choose to do the GROUP COACHING Recovery and Restoration Programme.

You will have an opportunity to learn, grow, and take back control of your life in the company of others who are also investing in their healing. 

Take the bold and unfamiliar step of putting yourself first instead of others so that you can have a better experience of life, free from abuse and toxic relationships.

Commit to your healing journey today…choose YOU! 

Email to put your name down on the waiting list. 


Penny, founder and CEO of the Narcissistic Abuse Support Group (NASG)


  • A one-on-one session for each attendee before the group coaching begins. As everyone has unique challenges, we need some background information and awareness of present difficulties so the course will be as effective and relevant as possible  
  • 9 group coaching sessions of 90 minutes held bi-weekly so that one can process and implement what was covered during the session. Notes will be provided before the sessions
  • 30-minute feedback and Q&A sessions once a month – attendance is optional
  • If work needs to be reviewed it is imperative that this request be complied with.
  • All sessions must be attended (or evidence of the work pertaining to that session having been done) for a client to be awarded a Certificate of Completion    
  • Having completed the programme there will be a 40-minute feedback session
  • A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to each participant. It holds weight when going for a job interview to show that you took time to invest in your growth by completing a Personal Development Programme.
  • We cater for many time zones: CAT, UK, EDT, AEDT, and IT (provided there are sufficient people)

Some information regarding the programme

This recovery process was designed specifically to address the many challenges and difficulties that victims and survivors of narcissistic relationships have. My passion is to walk alongside those who are hurting and assist them on their journey to wholeness.
Whether it be a romantic relationship, a family member, a boss, a colleague or a friend, this programme will equip you to deal with toxic people so that they can no longer upset you and thus control your emotions.  
Using a combination of NLP techniques, the transformational capacity of a personal development programme, as well as my expertise from a lifetime of experience with narcissistic relationships, this exceptional programme is truly life-changing and meets everyone’s unique needs. The results my clients have achieved have been so exciting to witness, especially those who believed there was no hope for change. Clients who were feeling completely suicidal when they began the programme, were able to turn their lives around completely and are flourishing.
With newfound confidence, having rediscovered their identity as well as their many strengths, gifts, and talents, they are empowered to take back control of their lives. Some went on to complete a degree they’d had to put off, got that dream job they’d been longing for or found partners who treated them with the love, support, respect, and kindness they deserved. 
Throughout the healing journey, clients are taught many self-care practices as well as learning how to love themselves. We have SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE, but we make the mistake of giving it to people who don’t deserve it, appreciate it, or return it. If we give that love to ourselves instead, we can completely transform our lives. We can become our best friends, believing in our abilities, knowing our worth, and acknowledging that we deserve so much more. We learn, little by little, how to be kind and compassionate to ourselves.  At this point we no longer need external validation or someone else to love us into wholeness – we are ENOUGH and can choose whether to be in a relationship or not. No longer so needy and dependent on getting our need for love met by others, we can enjoy our freedom, rediscover our passion, live life according to our purpose, and be completely authentic.