Courage to Change

Courage to Change

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Poem by Tamara Gengan

Poem by Tamara Gengan

When you ask how I am and I respond boldly, Great! And you?
How do I tell you the million things I’d like to say too? 
How heavy my heart feels, masked with beaming smiles, how I’ve organized my failures into many files. 
How I feel like I am failing as a mother and in life, my thoughts like a marching band ringing high as a fife. 
How the magic I share by day, turns cold at dark and never goes away. 
How do I tell you? That my anxiety engulfs me, even when sunshine and rainbows are what you see. 
That my soul feels deeply every tug, whilst looking to the world like an okay with a shrug.
 How do I tell you, that I do not feel strong, but on this Rollercoaster of life, like it will always go so wrong? 
How do I tell you? I simply cannot. So, I’m great it shall stay until this pain can be at bay.